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Updated: Nov 16, 2023

I’m Tammi. Entertaining has always been my passion. As a professional event planner, I’ve produced countless major events, but I’ve always wanted to write about entertaining for friends and family. Cookies & Punch is about events that are simple and intimate. This is about making friends, creating community, and entertaining and appreciating the people around us. 

Growing up in a family of five children, every day was a small party of sorts. I always enjoyed baking homemade rolls with my father and watching my mother get dressed up when went she hosted dinner parties. When we had guests, I’d do the decorating and choreograph dance routines for my brothers and sisters to perform. 

At eighteen, I moved to New York City to attend NYU as Drama Major. During school and after graduation, I pursued an acting career and supported myself working at the front desk at Paramount, a fashionable boutique hotel near Times Square. Occasionally there would be opportunities to earn a little extra money working as a greeter for parties hosted and attended by celebrities, socialites, and moguls. As I auditioned and performed in plays and independent films, I attended New York Fashion Week, movie premiers, and great parties of the day. I eventually landed a supporting role in the cult classic film “Hav Plenty,” had the time of my life on the film festival circuit at the Acapulco Film Festival (now the American Black Film Festival), Toronto Film Festival, and Sundance Film Festival. All of these experiences eventually lead me to a career in event planning and production. 

I moved to L.A. in the summer of 2005, ready to make a fresh start. Starting as an Events Director for boutique hotels and caterers, over the years I started producing events independently. Seven years later, I met my husband Michael and started a long-distance relationship. We married, I moved to the Metro Atlanta area with Michael, and two years later our son MJ was born. It was a dramatic shift at lightening speed. The transition from big city single career woman to Southern wife and mom was a mix of joy and happiness coupled with loss and culture shock. I had to take a deep breath, and go about the business of making new friends and starting a new life. Atlanta has a thriving entertainment community where I’ve revived my acting career, made many friends, and enjoy hosting parties. I’m able to plan play dates and birthday parties with my beloved group of mom friends. The mixture of New York chic, California cool, and genteel Southern hospitality are a recipe I’m excited to share. 




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