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Cooking with Daddy Freddy

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Some of my favorite memories with my Dad revolve around cooking and baking. He first taught me to make yeast rolls when I was four years old. I loved helping mix the dough and roll it out. I especially loved the smell and taste of freshly baked rolls.

Daddy’s fried catfish is my favorite. Whenever I visit my parents, his “special catfish” is always a treat.

I recently celebrated my birthday on Father’s Day weekend. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, friends and family joined me for a virtual birthday party online and my husband surprised me with a video montage including friends from all over the country. My parents and my sister and her family had been sheltering in place since mid-March, so we hadn’t seen each other in person. We all take the virus seriously, so we took COVID-19 tests before getting together for a small family get together.

On Father’s Day, Dad taught my son and my niece to make yeast rolls, just like he did when I was little. The next day, Dad and I made a special trip to Municipal Market to buy catfish, and he walked me through the recipe step-by-step.

I hope you’ll enjoy these family recipes as much as I do.

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02 juil. 2020

I love how he’s passing his cooking recipes and traditions on to the younger generation!

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