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A Virtual Birthday Party on The Moon

Updated: May 8, 2021

"Zoom Zoom Zoom, We're Going to the Moon." This is the title of my son's favorite nursery rhyme. As his fifth birthday approached, I decided a trip to the moon would make a fun and exciting theme for his virtual birthday party.

I had always envisioned a big 5th birthday celebration with lots of family and friends. It's 2020 and because of the COVID-19 pandemic my little guy is attending online kindergarten and our social life is online. My niece was our only in-person guest, and both families strictly quarantined in the weeks leading up to the birthday party.


Backdrops and Props

Transport your guests to another world and reinforce the theme. For our journey to the moon, I used an outer space backdrop, flags, star shaped sunglasses and metallic party hats.


Both children dressed to fit the theme. I found an astronaut shirt for the birthday boy online, and my niece wore a paisley party dress that looks like a galaxy of stars.


I set up the party with a kids' table and stools, laptop, and other supplies. I also used a ring light so that our online guests could see everything clearly. It's a good idea to rehearse with a friend if you're planning to have any presentations during the party.


Young children tend to have short attention spans, so I recommend a half hour party with colorful, exciting activities.


As guests entered our virtual birthday party, I played snippets of moon-themed songs in the background. Once everyone was settled, we started by singing "Zoom Zoom Zoom, We're Going to the Moon."


I found a wonderful storybook, "If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon." The story perfectly fit the theme. The book is a large size with bold, exciting illustrations, which made it easy for the guests to see as I read the story. The book also includes lots of scientific facts about the moon that can be studied after the party.


Freeze Dance

The storybook talked about many activities, including a freeze dance on the moon. After we read the story, I played "Kiboomers Freeze Dance for Kids" on my screen. All of kids loved to get up and dance.

Happy Birthday

When I sent the birthday invitation, I asked the guests to have a piece of cake or a cupcake for the party. When we all sang the "Happy Birthday" song, the children enjoyed their treats.


Outer space themed cupcake wrappers dressed up simple vanilla cupcakes. A small domed cake stand had the look of an astronaut helmet.


My little guy loves Lego toys, and his cousin surprised him with a moon rover.

Even in these unprecedented times, we can still find ways to make special memories for our children. I hope you've enjoyed this journey to the moon. Over and out!


2 commentaires

10 sept. 2020

Such an adorable idea!


06 sept. 2020

I love how you covered all bases with his virtual 5th birthday party. The metallic hats were unique along with decorations and making the experience engaging. Clearly, all of your preparation paid off. What a great theme and online and in person (with cousin and family) fun! Kudos mama!

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